Transform the World


An essential part of being United Methodist is the belief that what we do with our faith, here on earth, really matters.  Following the example of John Wesley, we are passionate about social justice, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and caring for God’s creation.  Read on and follow the links to find out how you, too, can transform the world.

  • Reading Food Pantry

    The food pantry provides groceries for over 80 Reading families. We are always looking for donations of food or money, and volunteers are appreciated as well.  Follow the link for details, as well as how to become a recipient of the food pantry’s services.

  • Volunteer at our Preschool

    Christian Cooperative Preschool offers a uniquely high adult to child ratio, through the participation of parents and church volunteers.  The result is a warm, caring environment that fosters cooperation, social skills, and respect for a variety of adult leaders.  Volunteers are blessed by their interactions with the children, and form lasting friendships with other volunteers, teachers, and parents.  Contact the preschool director to sign up.

  • Mission Trips & Work Teams

    Old South sends work teams to various parts of the country and world.  Click to find out more about past, present, and future missions trips.
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

    Community Supported Agriculture provides fresh, local, and organic produce to families while supporting real farmers and their families.  Because we believe in sustainable practices and healthy families, Old South has partnered with Farmer Dave’s CSA to offer these benefits directly to Reading and its neighboring communities.  The link above will take you directly to Farmer Dave’s site where you can learn more and sign up (advanced sign-up necessary).

  • Stewardship

    Find out how you can be a “good steward” of the resources God has given you.  Managing your finances wisely is part of being a disciple, and it’s not just about giving to the church.  Create a personal budget, learn about environmental stewardship, and transform the way you think about what belongs to you.

  • Community Organizations

    Here are some great places nearby to volunteer, advocate, and otherwise make a difference.  Old South schedules periodic group trips/events in partnership with these organizations as well.

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