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The concept of “stewardship” comes from the Bible, in particular with reference to the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). The concept is this: God is the owner, and we are stewards — entrusted with the responsibility of managing the owner’s resources. We believe that everything we have is a gift from God, and therefore we are expected to use what we have to build God’s kingdom here on earth. Stewardship doesn’t just refer to our money, but all the resources we have been given, including time, talents and possessions.  Good stewards are also concerned about caring for things that don’t “belong” to us, like God’s creation, our friends and family, neighbors and strangers.

Use the links and resources below to learn more about living as a good and faithful steward of the resources God has given you.

Online Giving

Click the “Donate” button to give your offering online or contribute towards your pledged giving amount.

2017 Pledge Card

Click here to fill out your estimate of giving for the 2017 year. Your responses are secure and will only be seen by the pastor and financial secretary.


Online Shopping

Do you shop online or use the internet to make travel arrangements? There’s a new application called “UMC Market” that enables a percentage of money you spend shopping online to be donated automatically to your local church. It’s free to you and an easy way to support Old South. Visit www.umcmarket.org

Personal Budget Worksheet

Click the above link to download an excel file to help you create a personal budget that allocates resources according to percentage of income.  This document comes from the Good $ense Budget Course developed by Willow Creek Community Church.

Tithe Calculator 

The concept of tithing, or giving a certain percentage of one’s resources back to God, comes from the Bible, and is related to the idea of “first-fruits.” Out of gratitude for God’s generosity in our harvest, and out of trust that God will continue to provide for our needs, we are invited to give 10% of what we have received to the local church. Some feel called to give a literal tithe, others choose a percentage of income that feels more comfortable. This handy “tithe calculator” can show you what percentage you’re currently giving, and help you figure out how much to give based on the percentage you want to offer to God.

331 Ways to Save Money

Click the above link to for a list of 331 ideas to lower your expenses.

Savings Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much money you could have in 20 years if you set aside a small amount each day starting now? Click the above link to download a file that will do the calculations for you.

Environmental Stewardship

In Genesis 1:26, God creates humans with the intention of having them be stewards of the rest of Creation.  How can we live out that call in our daily lives?  The link above will take you to a site with lots of useful information and ideas for “greening” everything in your life, from things you buy to the way you use them.

Mission Shares

One of the great things about the United Methodist Church is the way we work together to do greater good in the world.  One of the methods for this is “mission shares,” which are also known as “apportionments.”  As an individual Methodist church, a portion of our income goes to the greater denomination, which in turn passes it along to a plethora of causes all over the world.  To see where some of our mission shares go, check out these links: 

Nicaragua Covenant               

World Service Fund

Africa University