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Speak Up for Education Equity

Following up on the recent mission moment about Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON), the Outreach Committee is asking Old South members to consider signing a letter to support pending legislation.  Thousands of undocumented MA high school graduates are unable to get a college education because they have to pay out-of-state tuition rates at public colleges and cannot be considered for financial aid even though they have lived in MA for years. These young people and their families contribute to our state economy and pay taxes but their future is limited because they cannot afford college.  Legislation to allow these students to pay in-state tuition rates and be considered for financial aid is currently before the Education committees in the MA Legislature. Please consider signing the attached letter (click here) to ask your legislator to support this bill moving forward to a vote in the Legislature. This legislation is similar to legislation passed in several states (including Texas and Florida which have much larger immigrant populations than MA) and would apply only to students who attended MA high schools for at least three years and who have applied to become a legal resident. 

Please consider signing this letter and mailing it to your legislator to ask him/her to support this bill moving forward to a vote in the Legislature.  Copies of the letter are also available in the Vestry (by the Outreach bulletin board) so you can sign a letter at church and the Outreach Committee will mail it.  Thank you!