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Maine Mission Trip 2015

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July 12-18, 2015

Washington Co., Maine (in Down East -or far northeastern- Maine) is the most economically oppressed region in New England, with up to 68% of families living beneath the poverty line. The United Methodist missions are centered in East Machias. Groups who come to work stay at the Jacksonville United Methodist Campground, which has quaint summer cabins with running water and kitchenettes, a lake for swimming, and marked nature trails. There is a variety of work that can be done depending on participants’ skills and interest:

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors is community housing rehab program assisting elderly, disabled, and low-income residents of the region. Volunteers with this ministry may paint, do plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, carpentry, or roofing.
  • There is a clothing ministry at a mission run by Carlos and Lydia, missionaries from El Salvador. This work is less strenuous than working on the homes and involves sorting and folding all the donated clothes, which are then sold for $1 a bag.
  • Migrant Ministry is done seasonally mid-July to mid-September to serve the 9,000 – 12,000 mainly Hispanic and Native American workers who come to rake blueberries. Ministry is done generally in the evenings, after the work day, and may include packing and delivering personal care items, blankets, and Bibles, and participating in worship services in the worker camps.
  • In addition, the Jacksonville UM Campground itself is in need of rehab and restoration. Groups may stay at the campground and help with various improvement projects.

The Old South mission team pairs with the Aldersgate teams for this trip. We plan to leave after being blessed in church on July 12, and return Saturday, July 18. Participants may come for any part of the trip, as long as they can arrange for transportation. Costs are $135 per person, which breaks down into $40/person for groceries and $95/person campground fee to be given to the campground manager up in Maine the week of the trip. Costs can be prorated for partial week or children.

We are planning an “Interested Parties Information time during coffee hour after church on May 31”. Please get in touch with Susan Holloway or Carol Van Buskirk if you are interested.