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New Small Group Study: A Disciple’s Path

Have you ever had a sense that there ought to be more to being a Christian than just attending worship, making a pledge, and sitting on a committee?  If so, this study is for you.  Jesus calls us to discipleship, saying, “Follow me.”  But how do we do that?  A Disciple’s Path combines a uniquely Wesleyan understanding of our growth in God’s love and grace, with the time-tested spiritual practices that deepen a disciple’s relationship with God and others, ultimately leading to transformation in the world around us.

Our hope is that this would be a congregation-wide study, and we plan to offer three or four meeting times so as many people as possible can participate.  This will be a gateway into other small group offerings as we continue to grow as disciples in community with one another.

A Disciple’s Path will meet an hour a week for six weeks, and comes with a daily (5 days a week) workbook to help you practice the key concepts at home.  Sign up to let us know of your interest and availability, so we can find the best times for the most people.