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The Chancel Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings 8:30-9:30 am, with sectional rehearsals as necessary on Thursday nights at 7PM. Extra rehearsals for special seasons may be scheduled for Thursday nights or an occasional Saturday morning. We work hard to accommodate everyone’s schedules.  We sing just about every Sunday at the 10:00 worship service and for other special services throughout the year. If you think you would like to sing with us, we’d be glad to have you and help you along the way. More 2 and 3 part music is planned for the coming year, so this is the time to try it out! We have spruced up the music room, and are updating the music database. We also fund a scholarship, the “Geoffrey Audra Hodgkins Scholarship” which is awarded each year to graduating seniors. 

Hand Bell Choir rehearses on Tuesday evening. We ring in church about once a month. We are an experienced group that arranges our own music on occasion. We recently went on tour to Cranberry Island. If you have rung bells (or chimes) before, or can read basic sheet music, this group is the place for you.

Ad Hoc Brass is a fun group which consists of 5-6 players who come together for special events and services. If you play a brass instrument, or are in a school program and want another place to play, please join us.

Organ Meditations and Organ/Brass: These are short concerts, showcasing the organ as both a solo and accompaniment instrument. Four events are scheduled each year. We will announce the dates and programs as soon as they are finalized.

Music lessons: Pastor Carol offers piano lessons for children in the church Sanctuary. Susan Holloway offers lessons on piano, organ, and recorder.

New members to all of the groups are always welcome. We help teach and improve musical skills and talents, and also offer many other intangible gifts – friendship, caring, support, and fellowship. If you play a solo instrument, maybe you’d like to offer your talents for special music. If you can’t join on a permanent basis, maybe you could join on a seasonal basis. There are lots of ways to fit in, so if you’re considering joining our music ministries, contact Susan through church office, or by e-mail:

Music Ministry Covenant:

  • We offer our talents and skill for the greater glory of God and to assist and uplift worship at Old South
  • We are committed to spiritual growth and experiencing joy in music.
  • We are committed to attain high standards in our musical offerings.
  • We are committed to regular attendance in rehearsal and church.
  • We are committed to musical experience and education for all ages, together and separately.
  • We are committed to development of community among members, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and poise.
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